Synonyms of naked


1. bare, au naturel(predicate), naked, nude, unclothed (vs. clothed)

usage: completely unclothed; "bare bodies"; "naked from the waist up"; "a nude model"

2. naked, defenseless, unprotected (vs. protected)

usage: having no protecting or concealing cover; "naked to mine enemies"- Shakespeare

3. naked, unassisted (vs. assisted)

usage: (of the eye or ear e.g.) without the aid of an optical or acoustical device or instrument; "visible to the naked eye"

4. naked, raw, overt (vs. covert), open

usage: devoid of elaboration or diminution or concealment; bare and pure; "naked ambition"; "raw fury"; "you may kill someone someday with your raw power"

5. naked, bare (vs. covered)

usage: lacking any cover; "naked branches of the trees"; "lie on the naked rock"

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