Synonyms of lining


1. lining, liner, protective covering, protective cover, protection

usage: a protective covering that protects an inside surface

2. liner, lining, piece of cloth, piece of material

usage: a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment

3. lining, facing, application, coating, covering

usage: providing something with a surface of a different material

4. lining, insulation

usage: the act of attaching an inside lining (to a garment or curtain etc.)


1. line, run along, lie

usage: be in line with; form a line along; "trees line the riverbank"

2. line, cover

usage: cover the interior of; "line the gloves"; "line a chimney"

3. trace, draw, line, describe, delineate, mark

usage: make a mark or lines on a surface; "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand"

4. line, score, nock, mark

usage: mark with lines; "sorrow had lined his face"

5. line, fill, fill up, make full

usage: fill plentifully; "line one's pockets"

6. line, reinforce, reenforce

usage: reinforce with fabric; "lined books are more enduring"

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