Synonyms of inflated


1. inflate, blow up, expand, amplify, increase

usage: exaggerate or make bigger; "The charges were inflated"

2. inflate, blow up, expand

usage: fill with gas or air; "inflate a balloons"

3. inflate, change, alter, modify

usage: cause prices to rise by increasing the available currency or credit; "The war inflated the economy"

4. inflate, reduce, cut down, cut back, trim, trim down, trim back, cut, bring down

usage: increase the amount or availability of, creating a rise in value; "inflate the currency"

5. balloon, inflate, billow, expand

usage: become inflated; "The sails ballooned"


1. hyperbolic, inflated, increased (vs. decreased)

usage: enlarged beyond truth or reasonableness; "a hyperbolic style"

2. high-flown, high-sounding, inflated, pretentious (vs. unpretentious)

usage: pretentious (especially with regard to language or ideals); "high-flown talk of preserving the moral tone of the school"; "a high-sounding dissertation on the means to attain social revolution"

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