Synonyms of impure


1. impure (vs. pure), technical-grade, technical grade, adulterate, adulterated, debased, alloyed, bastardized, bastardised, contaminated, polluted, dirty, dingy, muddied, muddy, unpurified, unclean#2, impure, unprocessed

usage: combined with extraneous elements

2. impure (vs. pure), defiled, maculate, unchaste

usage: (used of persons or behaviors) immoral or obscene; "impure thoughts"

3. unclean (vs. clean), impure, nonkosher, tref, terefah, untouchable, impure

usage: having a physical or moral blemish so as to make impure according to dietary or ceremonial laws; "unclean meat"; "and the swine...is unclean to you"-Leviticus 11:3

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