Synonyms of go down


1. godown, warehouse, storage warehouse

usage: (in India and Malaysia) a warehouse


1. descend, fall, go down, come down, travel, go, move, locomote

usage: move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way; "The temperature is going down"; "The barometer is falling"; "The curtain fell on the diva"; "Her hand went up and then fell again"

2. sink, settle, go down, go under, descend, fall, go down, come down

usage: go under, "The raft sank and its occupants drowned"

3. decline, go down, wane, decrease, diminish, lessen, fall

usage: grow smaller; "Interest in the project waned"

4. go down

usage: be recorded or remembered; "She will go down as the first feminist"

5. go down

usage: be ingested; "This wine sure goes down well"; "The food wouldn't go down"

6. go down, lose

usage: be defeated; "If America goes down, the free world will go down, too"

7. set, go down, go under, descend, fall, go down, come down

usage: disappear beyond the horizon; "the sun sets early these days"

8. crash, go down, fail, go bad, give way, die, give out, conk out, go, break, break down

usage: stop operating; "My computer crashed last night"; "The system goes down at least once a week"

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