Synonyms of framed


1. frame, frame in, border, enclose, close in, inclose, shut in

usage: enclose in or as if in a frame; "frame a picture"

2. frame, enclose, hold in, confine

usage: enclose in a frame, as of a picture

3. ensnare, entrap, frame, set up, deceive, lead on, delude, cozen

usage: take or catch as if in a snare or trap; "I was set up!"; "The innocent man was framed by the police"

4. frame, redact, cast, put, couch, give voice, formulate, word, phrase, articulate

usage: formulate in a particular style or language; "I wouldn't put it that way"; "She cast her request in very polite language"

5. frame, compose, draw up, plan

usage: make up plans or basic details for; "frame a policy"

6. frame, frame up, construct, build, make

usage: construct by fitting or uniting parts together


1. framed (vs. unframed)

usage: provided with a frame; "there were framed snapshots of family and friends on her desk"

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