Synonyms of foretelling


1. prediction, foretelling, forecasting, prognostication, statement

usage: a statement made about the future

2. divination, foretelling, soothsaying, fortune telling, prophecy, prognostication, vaticination

usage: the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means


1. announce, annunciate, harbinger, foretell, herald, tell

usage: foreshadow or presage

2. predict, foretell, prognosticate, call, forebode, anticipate, promise, guess, venture, pretend, hazard

usage: make a prediction about; tell in advance; "Call the outcome of an election"

3. bode, portend, auspicate, prognosticate, omen, presage, betoken, foreshadow, augur, foretell, prefigure, forecast, predict, bespeak, betoken, indicate, point, signal

usage: indicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news"

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