Synonyms of disentangle


1. extricate, untangle, disentangle, disencumber, free, disengage

usage: release from entanglement of difficulty; "I cannot extricate myself from this task"

2. disentangle, unsnarl, straighten out, order

usage: extricate from entanglement; "Can you disentangle the cord?"

3. disinvolve, disembroil, disentangle, free, discharge

usage: free from involvement or entanglement; "How can I disentangle myself from her personal affairs?"

4. unwind, disentangle, undo

usage: separate the tangles of

5. comb, comb out, disentangle, groom, neaten

usage: smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb; "comb your hair before dinner"; "comb the wool"

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Definition and meaning of disentangle (Dictionary)