Synonyms of discriminatory


1. prejudiced (vs. unprejudiced), discriminatory, homophobic, jaundiced, loaded, racist, antiblack, anti-Semite(prenominal), sexist

usage: being biased or having a belief or attitude formed beforehand; "a prejudiced judge"

2. discriminatory, invidious, unfavorable (vs. favorable), unfavourable

usage: containing or implying a slight or showing prejudice; "discriminatory attitudes and practices"; "invidious comparisons"

3. discriminative, discriminatory, discriminating (vs. undiscriminating)

usage: capable of making fine distinctions

4. discriminatory, preferential, advantageous (vs. disadvantageous)

usage: manifesting partiality; "a discriminatory tax"; "preferential tariff rates"; "preferential treatment"; "a preferential shop gives priority or advantage to union members in hiring or promoting"

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