Synonyms of deflated


1. deflate, collapse

usage: collapse by releasing contained air or gas; "deflate a balloon"

2. deflate, turn, release

usage: release contained air or gas from; "deflate the air mattress"

3. deflate, puncture, deprecate, depreciate, vilipend

usage: reduce or lessen the size or importance of; "The bad review of his work deflated his self-confidence"

4. deflate, change, alter, modify

usage: produce deflation in; "The new measures deflated the economy"

5. deflate, reduce, cut down, cut back, trim, trim down, trim back, cut, bring down

usage: reduce or cut back the amount or availability of, creating a decline in value or prices; "deflate the currency"

6. deflate, decrease, diminish, lessen, fall

usage: become deflated or flaccid, as by losing air; "The balloons deflated"


1. chapfallen, chopfallen, crestfallen, deflated, dejected (vs. elated)

usage: brought low in spirit; "left us fatigued and deflated spiritually"

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