Synonyms of click


1. chink, click, clink, sound

usage: a short light metallic sound

2. suction stop, click, stop consonant, stop, occlusive, plosive consonant, plosive speech sound, plosive

usage: a stop consonant made by the suction of air into the mouth (as in Bantu)

3. pawl, detent, click, dog, catch, stop

usage: a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

4. click, mouse click, depression

usage: depression of a button on a computer mouse; "a click on the right button for example"


1. snap, click, move

usage: move or strike with a noise; "he clicked on the light"; "his arm was snapped forward"

2. click, tick, sound, go

usage: make a clicking or ticking sound; "The clock ticked away"

3. chatter, click, sound, go

usage: click repeatedly or uncontrollably; "Chattering teeth"

4. snap, click, flick, move

usage: cause to make a snapping sound; "snap your fingers"

5. click, pronounce, articulate, enounce, sound out, enunciate, say

usage: produce a click; "Xhosa speakers click"

6. cluck, click, clack, utter, emit, let out, let loose

usage: make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

7. click, get through, dawn, come home, get across, sink in, penetrate, fall into place

usage: become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions; "It dawned on him that she had betrayed him"; "she was penetrated with sorrow"

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