Synonyms of christmas tree


1. Christmas bush, Christmas tree, Ceratopetalum gummiferum, tree

usage: Australian tree or shrub with red flowers; often used in Christmas decoration

2. flame tree, fire tree, Christmas tree, Nuytsia floribunda, parasitic plant

usage: a terrestrial evergreen shrub or small tree of western Australia having brilliant yellow-orange flowers; parasitic on roots of grasses

3. European silver fir, Christmas tree, Abies alba, silver fir

usage: tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark

4. amabilis fir, white fir, Pacific silver fir, red silver fir, Christmas tree, Abies amabilis, silver fir

usage: medium to tall fir of western North America having a conic crown and branches in tiers; leaves smell of orange when crushed

5. Christmas tree, decoration, ornament, ornamentation

usage: an ornamented evergreen used as a Christmas decoration

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