Snowboarding Winter X Games Through the Years

The following tables list the Winter X Games snowboarding winners for men's and women's events, including Big Air, Boarder X, Halfpipe, Superpipe, and Slopestyle.

YearMen's Big Air
1997Jimmy Halopoff
1998Jason Borgstede
1999Kevin Sansalone
2000Peter Line
2001Jussi Oksanen
2002Event not held
2008Torstein Horgmo
2009Travis Rice
YearWomen's Big Air
1997Barrett Christy
1998Tina Basich
1999Barrett Christy
2000Tara Dakides
2001Tara Dakides
2002Event discontinued
YearMen's Boarder X
1997Shaun Palmer
1998Shaun Palmer
1999Shaun Palmer
2000Drew Neilson
2001Scott Gaffney
2002Philippe Conte
2003Ueli Kestenholz
2004Ueli Kestenholz
2005Xavier de le Rue
2006Nate Holland
2007Nate Holland
2008Nate Holland
2009Nate Holland
YearWomen's Boarder X
1997Jennie Waara
1998Tina Dixon
1999Maelle Ricker
2000Leslee Olson
2001Line Oestvold
2002Ine Poetzl
2003Lindsey Jacobellis
2004Lindsey Jacobellis
2005Lindsey Jacobellis
2006Maelle Ricker
2007Joanie Anderson
2008Lindsey Jacobellis
YearMen's Halfpipe
1997Todd Richards
1998Ross Powers
1999Jimi Scott
2000Todd Richards
2001Event discontinued
YearWomen's Halfpipe
1997Shannon Dunn
1998Cara-Beth Burnside
1999Michele Taggart
2000S. Brun Kjeldaas
2001Event discontinued
YearMen's Superpipe
2001Dan Kass
2002J.J. Thomas
2003Shaun White
2004Steve Fisher
2005Antti Autti
2006Shaun White
2007Steve Fisher
2008Shaun White
2009Shaun White
YearWomen's Superpipe
2001Shannon Dunn
2002Kelly Clark
2003Gretchen Bleiler
2004Hannah Teter
2005Gretchen Bleiler
2006Kelly Clark
2007Torah Bright
2008Gretchen Bleiler
2009Torah Bright
YearMen's Slopestyle
1997Daniel Franck
1998Ross Powers
1999Peter Line
2000Kevin Jones
2001Kevin Jones
2002Travis Rice
2003Shaun White
2004Shaun White
2005Shaun White
2006Shaun White
2007Andreas Wiig
2008Andreas Wiig
2009Shaun White
YearWomen's Slopestyle
1997Barrett Christy
1998Jennie Waara
1999Tara Dakides
2000Tara Dakides
2001Jaime MacLeod
2002Tara Dakides
2003Janna Meyen
2004Janna Meyen
2005Janna Meyen
2006Janna Meyen
2007Jamie Anderson
2008Jamie Anderson
2009Jenny Jones


Source: Espn.com


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