Men's Olympic Track & Field: Men's Olympic Marathon Through the Years


Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's marathon race from 1896 to the present.

Year TimeRecord
1896Spiridon Louis, GRE2:58:50 
1900Michel Théato, FRA2:59:45 
1904Thomas Hicks, USA3:28:53 
1906Billy Sherring, CAN2:51:23.6 
1908Johnny Hayes, USA*2:55:18.4OR
1912Kenneth McArthur, S. Afr.2:36:54.8 
1920Hannes Kolehmainen, FIN2:32:35.8WB
1924Albin Stenroos, FIN2:41:22.6 
1928Boughèra El Ouafi, FRA2:32:57.0 
1932Juan Carlos Zabala, ARG2:31:36.0OR
1936Sohn Kee-Chung, JPN†2:29:19.2OR
1948Delfo Cabrera, ARG2:34:51.6 
1952Emil Zátopek, CZE2:23:03.2OR
1956Alain Mimoun, FRA2:25:00.0 
1960Abebe Bikila, ETH2:15:16.2WB
1964Abebe Bikila, ETH2:12:11.2WB
1968Mamo Wolde, ETH2:20:26.4 
1972Frank Shorter, USA2:12:19.8 
1976Waldemar Cierpinski, E. Ger2:09:55.0OR
1980Waldemar Cierpinski, E. Ger2:11:03.0 
1984Carlos Lopes, POR2:09:21.0OR
1988Gelindo Bordin, ITA2:10:32 
1992Hwang Young-Cho, S. Kor2:13:23 
1996Josia Thugwane, RSA.2:12:36 
2000Gezahenge Abera, ETH2:10.11 
2004Stefano Baldini, ITA2:10:55 
2008Samuel Kamau, KEN2:06.32OR
2012Stephen Kiprotich, UGA2:08:01 
*Dorando Pietri of Italy placed first, but was disqualified for being helped across the finish line.
†Sohn was a Korean, but he was forced to compete under the name Kitei Son by Japan, which occupied Korea at the time.
Note: Marathon distances–40,000 meters (1896,1904); 40,260 meters (1900); 41,860 meters (1906); 42,195 meters (1908 and since 1924); 40,200 meters (1912); 42,750 meters (1920). Current distance of 42,195 meters measures 26 miles, 385 yards.


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