Five Longest Playoff Overtime Games

The 5 longest overtime games in Stanley Cup history. Note the following Series initials: SF (semifinals), CQF (conference quarterfinal), CSF (conference semifinal), DSF (division semifinal), QF (quarterfinal) and Final (Cup final). Series winners are in bold type; (*) indicates deciding game of series.

Goal ScorerSeriesDateLocation
1Detroit 1, Montreal Maroons 06176:30Mud BruneteauSF, Gm 13/24/1936Montreal
2Toronto 1, Boston 06164:46Ken DoratySF, Gm 54/3/1933Toronto
3Philadelphia 2, Pittsburgh 15152:01Keith PrimeauCSF, Gm 45/4/2000Pittsburgh
4Anaheim 4, Dallas 34140.48Petr SykoraCSF, Gm 14/24/2003Dallas
5Pittsburgh 3 Washington 24139:15Petr NedvedCQF, Gm 44/24/1996Washington

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