1998 Men's Olympic Speed Skating Medalists

500 meters

1Hiroyasu Shimizu, JPN71.35
2Jeremy Wotherspoon, CAN71.84
3Kevin Overland, CAN71.86
Best USA: 23rd, Marc Pelchat (73.35); 25th, David Cruikshank (73.53).
Note: Times reflected are a combination of two heats with each skater racing once on the inside lane and once in the outside lane.

1000 meters

1Ids Postma, NET1:10.64OR
2Jan Bos, NET1:10.71
3Hiroyasu Shimizu, JPN1:11.00
Top 10 USA: 7th, Casey Fitzrandolph (1:11.64); 8th, KC Boutiette (1:11.75).

1500 meters

1Aadne Sondral, NOR1:47.87WR
2Ids Postma, NET1:48.13
3Rintje Ritsma, NET1:48.52
Top 10 USA: 5th, KC Boutiette (1:50.04).

5000 meters

1Gianni Romme, NET6:22.20WR
2Rintje Ritsma, NET6:28.24
3Bart Veldkamp, BEL6:28.31
Best USA: 14th, KC Boutiette (6:39.67), 16th, David Tamburrino (6:41.19).

10,000 meters

1Gianni Romme, NET13:15.33WR
2Bob De Jong, NET13:25.76
3Rintje Ritsma, NET13:28.19
Top 10 USA: 8th, KC Boutiette (13:44.03).

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1998 Olympic Speed Skating Medalists