First Round (Best of 7)

W-LGFLeading Scorers
San Jose4-320Nolan (6-2-8)
St. Louis3-422Hecht (4-6-10)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 12Blues, 5-3at St. Louis
April 15Sharks, 4-2at St. Louis
April 17Sharks, 2-1at San Jose
April 19Sharks, 3-2at San Jose
April 21Blues, 5-3at St. Louis
April 23Blues, 6-2at San Jose
April 25Sharks, 3-1at St. Louis
W-LGFLeading Scorers
Dallas4-114Hull (3-3-6)
Edmonton1-411Weight (3-2-5)
& Guerin (3-2-5)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 12Stars, 2-1at Dallas
April 13Stars, 3-0at Dallas
April 16Oilers, 5-2at Edmonton
April 18Stars, 4-3at Edmonton
April 21Stars, 3-2at Dallas
Shutout: Belfour, Dallas.
W-LGFLeading Scorers
Colorado4-117Ozolinsh (3-4-7)
Phoenix1-410Roenick (2-2-4)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 13Avalanche, 6-3at Colorado
April 15Avalanche, 3-1at Colorado
April 17Avalanche, 4-2at Phoenix
April 19Coyotes, 3-2at Phoenix
April 21Avalanche, 2-1at Colorado
W-LGFLeading Scorers
Detroit4-015Fedorov (3-2-5)
Los Angeles0-46Robitaille (2-2-4)
& Stumpel (0-4-4)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 13Red Wings, 2-0at Detroit
April 15Red Wings, 8-5at Detroit
April 17Red Wings, 2-1at Los Angeles
April 19Red Wings, 3-0at Los Angeles
Shutouts: Osgood, Detroit (2).

Western ConferenceSemifinals (Best of 7)
1999-2000 Western Conference Stanley Cup Playoffs