1996-97 Stanley Cup First Round (Best of 7)

W-LGFLeading Scorers
Colorado4-228Sakic (3-9-12)
Chicago2-414Amonte (4-2-6)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 16Avalanche, 6-0at Colorado
April 18Avalanche, 3-1at Colorado
April 20Blackhawks, 4-3 (2OT)at Chicago
April 22Blackhawks, 6-3at Chicago
April 24Avalanche, 7-0at Colorado
April 26Avalanche, 6-3at Chicago
Shutout: Roy, Colorado (2).
W-LGFLeading Scorers
Edmonton4-321Weight (2-6-8)
Dallas3-418Modano (4-1-5)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 16Stars, 5-3at Dallas
April 18Oilers, 4-0at Dallas
April 20Oilers, 4-3 (OT)at Edmonton
April 22Stars, 4-3at Edmonton
April 25Oilers, 1-0 (2OT)at Dallas
April 27Stars, 3-2at Edmonton
April 29Oilers, 4-3 (OT)at Dallas
Shutout: Joseph, Edmonton (2).
W-LGFLeading Scorers
Detroit4-213Shanahan (3-3-6)
St. Louis2-412Hull (2-7-9)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 16Blues, 2-0at Detroit
April 18Red Wings, 2-1at Detroit
April 20Red Wings, 3-2at St. Louis
April 22Blues, 4-0at St. Louis
April 25Red Wings, 5-2at Detroit
April 27Red Wings, 3-1at St. Louis
Shutouts: Fuhr, St. Louis (2).
W-LGFLeading Scorers
Anaheim4-317Kariya (5-4-9)
Phoenix3-417Ronning (0-7-7)
DateWinnerHome Ice
April 16Mighty Ducks, 4-2at Anaheim
April18Mighty Ducks, 4-2at Anaheim
April 20Coyotes, 4-1at Phoenix
April 22Coyotes, 2-0at Phoenix
April 24Coyotes, 5-2at Anaheim
April 27Mighty Ducks, 3-2at Phoenix
April 29Mighty Ducks, 3-0at Anaheim
Shutouts: Khabibulin, Phoenix; Hebert, Anaheim.

Western ConferenceSemifinals (Best of 7)

1996-97 Western Conference Stanley Cup Playoffs
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