2000 NL Baseball Team By Team Stats (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Gary Sheffield.325501105163431094
Adrian Beltre.29051071148208512
Todd Hundley.284299498524700
Mark Grudzielanek.27961710117274912
Shawn Green.26961098164249924
Devon White.26615826424133
Chad Kreuter.26421232566281
Tom Goodwin.2635289413965855
Bruce Aven.25016820427292
Eric Karros.25058484146311064
Alex Cora*.23835339844324
Kevin Elster.227220295014320
F.P. Santangelo.1971421928193
Acquired: P Valdes from ChC for P Jamie Arnold and OF Jorge Piedra (July 26); OF Goodwin and cash from Col. for OF Todd Hollandsworth, OF Kevin Gibbs and P Randey Dorame (July 31); OF Aven from Pit. for cash or PTBN (Aug. 6).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Kevin Brown2.5813-633230.047216
Matt Herges*3.1711-359110.24075
Mike Fetters3.246-25150.02540
Chan Ho Park3.2718-1034226.0124217
Terry Adams3.526-96684.13656
Antonio Osuna3.743-64667.13570
Darren Dreifort4.1612-932192.287164
Jeff Shaw4.243-46057.11639
Eric Gagne*5.154-620101.16079
Carlos Perez5.565-830144.03364
Ismael Valdes5.642-721107.04074
Saves: Shaw (27); Fetters (5); Adams (2); Herges and Alan Mills (1). Complete games: Brown (5); Park (3); Dreifort (1). Shutouts: Brown, Park and Dreifort (1).

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2000 NL Team by Team Statistics
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