National League Divisional Series Through the Years

National League

Multiple champions: Atlanta (6); St. Louis (4); Florida and NY Mets (2).

1995E–AtlantaBobby Cox3-1 (WWLW)WC–ColoradoDon Baylor
 C–CincinnatiDavey Johnson3-0W–Los AngelesTommy Lasorda
1996E–AtlantaBobby Cox3-0WC–Los AngelesBill Russell
 C–St. LouisTony La Russa3-0W–San DiegoBruce Bochy
1997E–AtlantaBobby Cox3-0C–HoustonLarry Dierker
 WC–FloridaJim Leyland3-0W–San FranciscoDusty Baker
1998E–AtlantaBobby Cox3-0WC–ChicagoJim Riggleman
 W–San DiegoBruce Bochy3-1 (WLWW)C–HoustonLarry Dierker
1999E–AtlantaBobby Cox3-1 (LWWW)C–HoustonLarry Dierker
 WC–New YorkBobby Valentine3-1 (WLWW)W–ArizonaBuck Showalter
2000C–St. LouisTony La Russa3-0E–AtlantaBobby Cox
 WC–New YorkBobby Valentine3-1 (LWWW)W–San FranciscoDusty Baker
2001E–AtlantaBobby Cox3-0C–HoustonLarry Dierker
 W–ArizonaBob Brenly3-2 (WLWLW)WC–St. LouisTony La Russa
2002WC–San FranciscoDusty Baker3-2 (WLLWW)E–AtlantaBobby Cox
 C–St. LouisTony La Russa3-0W–ArizonaBob Brenly
2003C–ChicagoDusty Baker3-2 (WLWLW)E–AtlantaBobby Cox
 WC–FloridaJack McKeon3-1 (LWWW)W–San FranciscoFelipe Alou
2004C–St. LouisTony La Russa3-1 (WWLW)W–Los AngelesJim Tracy
 WC–HoustonPhil Garner3-2 (WLWLW)E–AtlantaBobby Cox


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League Divisional Series