Closest Super Bowls of All Time: XLVI

Jennie Wood
1. XXV 2. XLVII 3. XLII 4. XXXIX 5. XXXVIII 6. XXXVI 7. V 8. XLVI 9. XLIII 10. XXIII 11. XIII 12. X

New York Giants defeat New England Patriots, 21-17, 2011 Season
Super Bowl XLVI Eli Manning
Entering this rematch of Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots had an AFC-best regular season record of 13-3, while the Giants had a 9-7 regular season record, the lowest to ever win a Super Bowl. The Giants won it on a 6-yard touchdown by running back Ahmad Bradshaw with 57 seconds left. For the second time, Giants quarterback Eli Manning (pictured above) was named Super Bowl MVP, completing 30 of 40 passes for 296 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions.
Photo source: AP Photo/Gregory Payan
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