Closest Super Bowls of All Time: X

Jennie Wood
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Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Dallas Cowboys, 21-17, 1975 Season
Super Bowl X Lynn Swann
At the time of Super Bowl X, the Cowboys and Steelers, were the two most popular teams in the NFL. The two teams were known for their contrasting styles. Finishing the regular season with the best record (12-2) in the league, Pittsburgh had their "Steel Curtain" defense and favored the running game on offense. The first NFC wild-card team to get to the Super Bowl, Dallas had a strong offense and "flex" defense. The game was low scoring until the fourth quarter when Pittsburgh scored 14 points, including a 64-yard touchdown catch by Lynn Swann (pictured above). The Cowboys were able to rally to make it 21-17. However, Pittsburgh stopped their comeback with an interception in the end zone as time expired. Swann became the first wide receiver to win MVP for catching four passes for a Super Bowl record 161 yards and one touchdown.
Photo source: AP Photo

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