Annual MLB Batting Leaders since 1900

National League

Multiple winners: Tony Gwynn and Honus Wagner (8); Rogers Hornsby and Stan Musial (7); Roberto Clemente and Bill Madlock (4); Pete Rose, Larry Walker and Paul Waner (3); Hank Aaron, Richie Ashburn, Barry Bonds, Jake Daubert, Tommy Davis, Ernie Lombardi, Willie McGee, Lefty O?Doul, Dave Parker and Edd Roush (2).

1900Honus Wagner, Pit.381
1901Jesse Burkett, St.L.382
1902Ginger Beaumont, Pit.357
1903Honus Wagner, Pit.355
1904Honus Wagner, Pit.349
1905Cy Seymour, Cin.377
1906Honus Wagner, Pit.339
1907Honus Wagner, Pit.350
1908Honus Wagner, Pit.354
1909Honus Wagner, Pit.339
1910Sherry Magee, Phi.331
1911Honus Wagner, Pit.334
1912Heinie Zimmerman, Chi.372
1913Jake Daubert, Bklyn.350
1914Jake Daubert, Bklyn.329
1915Larry Doyle, NY.320
1916Hal Chase, Cin.339
1917Edd Roush, Cin.341
1918Zack Wheat, Bklyn.335
1919Edd Roush, Cin.321
1920Rogers Hornsby, St.L.370
1921Rogers Hornsby, St.L.397
1922Rogers Hornsby, St.L.401
1923Rogers Hornsby, St.L.384
1924Rogers Hornsby, St.L.424
1925Rogers Hornsby, St.L.403
1926Bubbles Hargrave, Cin.353
1927Paul Waner, Pit.380
1928Rogers Hornsby, Bos.387
1929Lefty O'Doul, Phi.398
1930Bill Terry, NY.401
1931Chick Hafey, St.L.349
1932Lefty O'Doul, Bklyn.368
1933Chuck Klein, Phi.368
1934Paul Waner, Pit.362
1935Arky Vaughan, Pit.385
1936Paul Waner, Pit.373
1937Joe Medwick, St.L.374
1938Ernie Lombardi, Cin.342
1939Johnny Mize, St.L.349
1940Debs Garms, Pit.355
1941Pete Reiser, Bklyn.343
1942Ernie Lombardi, Bos.330
1943Stan Musial, St.L.357
1944Dixie Walker, Bklyn.357
1945Phil Cavarretta, Chi.355
1946Stan Musial, St.L.365
1947Harry Walker, St.L-Phi.363
1948Stan Musial, St.L.376
1949Jackie Robinson, Bklyn.342
1950Stan Musial, St.L.346
1951Stan Musial, St.L.355
1952Stan Musial, St.L.336
1953Carl Furillo, Bklyn.344
1954Willie Mays, NY.345
1955Richie Ashburn, Phi.338
1956Hank Aaron, Mil.328
1957Stan Musial, St.L.351
1958Richie Ashburn, Phi.350
1959Hank Aaron, Mil.355
1960Dick Groat, Pit.325
1961Roberto Clemente, Pit.351
1962Tommy Davis, LA.346
1963Tommy Davis, LA.326
1964Roberto Clemente, Pit.339
1965Roberto Clemente, Pit.329
1966Matty Alou, Pit.342
1967Roberto Clemente, Pit.357
1968Pete Rose, Cin.335
1969Pete Rose, Cin.348
1970Rico Carty, Atl.366
1971Joe Torre, St.L.363
1972Billy Williams, Chi.333
1973Pete Rose, Cin.338
1974Ralph Garr, Atl.353
1975Bill Madlock, Chi.354
1976Bill Madlock, Chi.339
1977Dave Parker, Pit.338
1978Dave Parker, Pit.334
1979Keith Hernandez, St.L.344
1980Bill Buckner, Chi.324
1981Bill Madlock, Pit.341
1982Al Oliver, Mon.331
1983Bill Madlock, Pit.323
1984Tony Gwynn, SD.351
1985Willie McGee, St.L.353
1986Tim Raines, Mon.334
1987Tony Gwynn, SD.370
1988Tony Gwynn, SD.313
1989Tony Gwynn, SD.336
1990Willie McGee, St.L.335
1991Terry Pendleton, Atl.319
1992Gary Sheffield, SD.330
1993Andres Galarraga, Col.370
1994Tony Gwynn, SD.394
1995Tony Gwynn, SD.368
1996Tony Gwynn, SD.353
1997Tony Gwynn, SD.372
1998Larry Walker, Col.363
1999Larry Walker, Col.379
2000Todd Helton, Col.372
2001Larry Walker, Col.350
2002Barry Bonds, SF.370
2003Albert Pujols, St.L.359
2004Barry Bonds, SF.362

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