2002 Men's Olympic Alpine Skiing Medalists


1Fritz Strobl, AUT1:39.13
2Lasse Kjus, NOR1:39.35
3Stephan Eberharter, AUT1:39.41
Top 10 USA: 9th, Marco Sullivan (1:40.37).


1Jean-Pierre Vidal, FRA1:41.06
2Sebastien Amiez, FRA1:41.82
3Benjamin Raich, AUT*1:42.41
*Raich finished fourth but was awarded the bronze medal on March 21, 2002 after Great Britain's Alain Baxter (1:42.32) was disqualified for testing positive for methamphetamine—a stimulant banned by the IOC but found in over-the-counter decongestants like the one Baxter purportedly took to treat a stuffy nose.
Best USA: 12th, Chip Knight (1:44.86); 14th, Erik Schlopy (1:45.21); 25th, Bode Miller (1:52.79).

Giant Slalom

1Stephan Eberharter, AUT2:23.28
2Bode Miller, USA2:24.16
3Lasse Kjus, NOR2:24.32
Next best USA: 16th, Dane Spencer (2:25.68).

Super G

1Kjetil Andre Aamodt, NOR1:21.58
2Stephan Eberharter, AUT1:21.68
3Andreas Schifferer, AUT1:21.83
Top 10 USA: 8th, Daron Rahlves (1:22.48); 9th, Thomas Vonn (1:23.22).


1Kjetil Andre Aamodt, NOR1st5th(t)3:17.56
2Bode Miller, USA15th5th(t)3:17.84
3Benjamin Raich, AUT13th3rd3:18.26
Next best USA: 19th, Jakub Fiala (21st, 18th, 3:30.43).


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