Summer Olympics: Most Gold Medals Per Person

Find a list of the all-time gold top medal winners at the Summer Olympics. Michael Phelps tops the list for men, and Larissa Latynina, of the USSR, remains No. 1 for women.


No SportG-S-B
16Michael Phelps, USASwimming16-2-2
10*Ray Ewry, USATrack/Field10-0-0
9Paavo Nurmi, FINTrack/Field9-3-0
9Mark Spitz, USASwimming9-1-1
9Carl Lewis, USATrack/Field9-1-0
8Sawao Kato, JPNGymnastics8-3-1
8†Matt Biondi, USASwimming8-2-1
7Nikolai Andrianov, USSRGymnastics7-5-3
7Boris Shakhlin, USSRGymnastics7-4-2
7Viktor Chukarin, USSRGymnastics7-3-1
7Aladar Gerevich, HUNFencing7-1-2
*Medals won by Ewry (2-0-0) at the 1906 Intercalated games are not officially recognized by the IOC.
†Includes gold medal as preliminary member of 1st-place relay team.


No SportG-S-B
9Larissa Latynina, USSRGymnastics9-5-4
8Jenny Thompson, USASwimming8-3-1
7Vera Cáslavská, CZEGymnastics7-4-0
8Birgit Fischer, GERCanoe/Kayak8-4-0
6Kristin Otto, E. GerSwimming6-0-0
6†Amy Van Dyken, USASwimming6-0-0
5Agnes Keleti, HUNGymnastics5-3-2
5Nadia Comaneci, ROMGymnastics5-3-1
5Isabell Werth, GEREquestrian5-3-0
5Polina Astakhova, USSRGymnastics5-2-3
5Krisztina Egerszegi, HUNSwimming5-1-1
5Valentina Vezzali, ITALYFencing5-1-1
5Nellie Kim, U.S.S.R.Gymnastics5-1-1
5Georgeta Damian, ROMRowing5-0-1
4Dara Torres, USASwimming4-4-4
4Kornelia Ender, E. GerSwimming4-4-0
4Dawn Fraser, AUSSwimming4-4-0
4Lyudmila Tourischeva, USSRGymnastics4-3-2
4Inge de Bruijn, NEDSwimming4-2-2
4Guo Jingjing, CHINADiving4-2-0
4Olga Korbut, U.S.S.R.Gymnastics4-2-0
†Includes gold medal as preliminary member of 1st-place relay team.


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