Put Outs

Helton, Col1358
Lee, Fla1312
Young, Pit1278
Lee, Phi1261
Bagwell, Hou1255
Sexson, Mil1225
Martinez, St.L1221
Karros, LA1175
Vaughn, NY1085
Lo Duca, LA1014


Uribe, Col505
Cabrera, Mon498
Furcal, Atl478
J. Wilson, Pit463
Rollins, Phi455
Hernandez, Mil451
Vidro, Mon448
Walker, Cin438
Kent, SF414
Renteria, St.L410

OF Assists

V. Guerrero, Mon14
Walker, Col14
Giles, Pit13
Wilkerson*, Mon13
Sanders, SF12
Edmonds, St.L11
Kotsay, SD11
Five tied with 10 each.


Cabrera, Mon29
Furcal, Atl27
Uribe, Col27
Boone, Cin22
Zeile, Col21
Gonzalez, Chi21
Womack, Ari20
Beltre, LA20
Anderson, Phi20
Four tied with 19 each.

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National League Leaders