Bonds By the Numbers

In 2001 Barry Bonds swatted 73 home runs to break Mark McGwire's single-season record of 70 set in 1998. Below is a chronological list of his home runs, which includes the opposing team and pitcher and the number of men on base.

No.DateOpponentOn Base
1Apr. 2vs. San Diego (Williams)0
2Apr. 12at San Diego (Eaton)0
3Apr. 13at Milwaukee (Wright)1
4Apr. 14at Milwaukee (Haynes)2
5Apr. 15at Milwaukee (Weathers)0
6Apr. 17vs. Los Angeles (Adams)1
7Apr. 18vs. Los Angeles (Park)0
8Apr. 20vs. Milwaukee (Haynes)1
9Apr. 24vs. Cincinnati (Brower)1
10Apr. 26vs. Cincinnati (Sullivan)1
11Apr. 29vs. Chi-NL (Aybar)0
12May 2at Pittsburgh (Ritchie)1
13May 3at Pittsburgh (Anderson)1
14May 4at Philadelphia (Chen)1
15May 11vs. NY-NL (Trachsel))0
16May 17at Florida (Smith)1
17May 18at Atlanta (Remlinger)0
18May 18at Atlanta (Remlinger)0
19May 19at Atlanta (Cabrera)0
20May 19at Atlanta (Marquis)0
21May 20at Atlanta (Burkett)0
22May 20at Atlanta (Remlinger)0
23May 21at Arizona (Schilling)0
24May 22at Arizona (Springer)1
25May 24vs. Colorado (Thomson)0
26May 27vs. Colorado (Neagle)1
27May 30vs. Arizona (Ellis)0
28May 30vs. Arizona (Ellis)1
29June 1at Colorado (Chacon)1
30June 4vs. San Diego (Jones)0
31June 5vs. San Diego (Serrano)1
32June 7vs. San Diego (Lawrence)1
33June 12vs. Anaheim (Rapp)0
34June 14vs. Anaheim (Pote)0
35June 15vs. Oakland (Mulder)0
36June 15vs. Oakland (Mulder)0
37June 19at San Diego (Eaton)0
38June 20at San Diego (Myers)1
39June 23at St. Louis (Kile)1
40July 12at Seattle (Abbott)0
41July 18vs. Colorado (Hampton)0
42July 18vs. Colorado (Hampton)1
43July 26at Arizona (Schilling)0
44July 26at Arizona (Schilling)3
45July 27at Arizona (Anderson)0
46Aug. 1vs. Pittsburgh (Beimel)0
47Aug. 4vs. Philadelphia (Figueroa)1
48Aug. 7at Cincinnati (Graves)0
49Aug. 9at Cincinnati (Winchester)0
50Aug. 11at Chi-NL (Borowski)2
51Aug. 14vs. Florida (Bones)3
52Aug. 16vs. Florida (Burnett)0
53Aug. 16vs. Florida (Darensbourg)2
54Aug. 18vs. Atlanta (Marquis)0
55Aug. 23at Montreal (Lloyd)0
56Aug. 27at NY-NL (Appier)0
57Aug. 31vs. Colorado (Thomson)1
58Sept. 3vs. Colorado (Jennings)0
59Sept. 4vs. Arizona (Batista)0
60Sept. 6vs. Arizona (Lopez)0
61Sept. 9at Colorado (Elarton)0
62Sept. 9at Colorado (Elarton)0
63Sept. 9at Colorado (Belitz)2
64Sept. 20vs. Houston (Miller)1
65Sept. 23at San Diego (Middlebrook)0
66Sept. 23at San Diego (Middlebrook)0
67Sept. 24at Los Angeles (Baldwin)0
68Sept. 28vs. San Diego (Middlebrook)0
69Sept. 29vs. San Diego (McElroy)0
70Oct. 4at Houston (Rodriguez)0
71Oct. 5vs. Los Angeles (Park)0
72Oct. 5vs. Los Angeles (Park)0
73Oct. 7vs. Los Angeles (Springer)0
Most victimized team:San Diego (11)
Most victimized pitchers:Remlinger, Atl. (3)
Park, LA (3)
Schilling, Ari. (3)
Middlebrook, SD (3)
vs. lefties:17
vs. righties:56
Grand Slams:2
Two men on base:4
One man on base:21
Solo home runs:46
Longest480 feet

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