2001 World Short Track Championships

at Jeon-ju City, Korea (March 30-April 1)


500 metersLi JiaJun, China
1000 metersLi JiaJun, China
1500 metersMarc Gagnon, Canada
3000 metersApolo Anton Ohno, USA
5000 meter relayUnited States
All-AroundLi JiaJun, China


500 metersWang Chunlu, China
1000 metersYang Yang (A), China
1500 metersYang Yang (A), China
3000 metersYang Yang (A), China
3000 meter relayChina
All-AroundYang Yang (A), China
Note: There are two Chinese skaters with the name Yang Yang. To differentiate, one goes by Yang Yang (A) and one by Yang Yang (S).

2001 World ChampionshipsSpeed Skating
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