2001 World Short Track Championships

at Jeon-ju City, Korea (March 30-April 1)


500 metersLi JiaJun, China
1000 metersLi JiaJun, China
1500 metersMarc Gagnon, Canada
3000 metersApolo Anton Ohno, USA
5000 meter relayUnited States
All-AroundLi JiaJun, China


500 metersWang Chunlu, China
1000 metersYang Yang (A), China
1500 metersYang Yang (A), China
3000 metersYang Yang (A), China
3000 meter relayChina
All-AroundYang Yang (A), China
Note: There are two Chinese skaters with the name Yang Yang. To differentiate, one goes by Yang Yang (A) and one by Yang Yang (S).

2001 World ChampionshipsSpeed Skating
2000 Speed Skating World Cup
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