NBA and WNBA 1997-98 Season: NBA 3-point Shootout

Eight players are invited to compete in the annual three-point shooting contest held during All-Star weekend, since 1986. Each shooter has 60 seconds to shoot the 25 balls in five racks outside the three-point line. Each ball is worth one point, except the last ball in each rack, which is worth two. Highest scores advance. First prize: $20,000.

First RoundPts
Dale Ellis, Sea18
Jeff Hornacek, Utah17
Charlie Ward, NY15
Hubert Davis, Dal15
Failed to advance
Sam Mack, Van14
Glen Rice, Cha13
Reggie Miller, Ind12
Tracy Murray, Was12
Hubert Davis24
Jeff Hornacek*15
Failed to advance
Dale Ellis*15
Charlie Ward11
Jeff Hornacek16
Hubert Davis 10
* Hornacek won shootout 11-9 for spot in the final.

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NBA and WNBA 1997-98 Season
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