1980 Olympics Leading Medal Winners (Swimming,Gymnastics,Canoeing)

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No SportG-S-B
8Aleksandr Dityatin, USSRGymnastics3-4-1
5Nikolai Andrianov, USSRGymnastics2-2-1
4Roland Brückner, E. GerGymnastics1-1-2
3Vladimir Parfenovich, USSRCanoeing3-0-0
3Vladimir Salnikov, USSRSwimming3-0-0
3Sergei Kopliakov, USSRSwimming2-1-0
3Aleksandr Tkachyov, USSRGymnastics2-1-0
3Andrei Krylov, USSRSwimming1-2-0
3Arsen Miskarov, USSRSwimming0-2-1


No SportG-S-B
5Ines Diers, E. GerSwimming2-2-1
4Caren Metschuck, E. GerSwimming3-1-0
4Nadia Comaneci, ROMGymnastics2-2-0
4Natalya Shaposhnikova, USSRGymnastics2-0-2
4Maxi Gnauck, E. GerGymnastics1-1-2
3Barbara Krause, E. GerSwimming3-0-0
3Rica Reinisch, E. GerSwimming3-0-0
3Yelena Davydova, USSRGymnastics2-1-0
3Steffi Kraker, E. GerGymnastics0-1-2
3Melita Ruhn, ROMGymnastics0-1-2


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