Event  Time  
 100m Fanny Blankers-Koen, NED11.9  
 Dorothy Manley, GBR12.2 
 Shirley Strickland, AUS12.2 
 200m Fanny Blankers-Koen, NED24.4  
 Audrey Williamson, GBR25.1 
 Audrey Patterson, USA25.2 
 80m H Fanny Blankers-Koen, NED11.2 OR
 Maureen Gardner, GBR11.2 
 Shirley Strickland, AUS11.4 
4x100m NED (Xenia Stad-de Jong, Jeanette
Witziers-Timmer, Gerda
van der Kade-Koudijs,
Fanny Blankers-Koen)
Event  Mark  
High Jump Alice Coachman, USA 5- 6 OR
 Dorothy Tyler-Odam, GBR5-6 
 Micheline Ostermeyer, FRA5-31/4 
Long Jump Olga Gyarmati, HUN 18- 81/4  
 Noëmi Simonetto De Portela, ARG18-41/4 
 Ann-Britt Leyman, SWE18-31/4 
Shot Put Micheline Ostermeyer, FRA 45- 11/2  
 Amelia Piccinini, ITA42-111/2 
 Ine Schäffer, AUT42-103/4 
Discus Micheline Ostermeyer, FRA 137- 6  
 Edera Gentile-Cordiale, ITA135-01/2 
 Jacqueline Mazeas, FRA132-9 
Javelin Herma Bauma, AUT 149- 6  
 Kaisa Parviainen, FIN143-8 
 Lily Carlstedt, DEN140-61/2 
Note: Coachman and Dorothy Odam of Britain tied for 1st place, but Coachman was awarded gold medal for making height on first try.

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