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Updated September 25, 2021 | Infoplease Staff

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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the world news events you need to know so far for September 2019:

  1. Boat Fire in California
  2. Vaping Restrictions Enforced
  3. Multiple Shootings in Three Days
  4. Area 51 Raid is Underway
  5. Battle Against Vaping Continues
  6. Trump’s Call to Ukraine Released

Boat Fire in California

California Boat Fire

On September 2, a boat was destroyed by a fire off the coast of California, killing at least four people and leaving another 29 missing. The boat was anchored when it caught fire. Rescue missions are full-force as is an investigation. (BBC)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

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Vaping Restrictions Enforced

Vaping Bans

On September 12, the CDC announced that there are 380 active causes of illnesses related to vaping. That same day, New Jersey announced its newest plans to become the next state to ban the sale of e-cigarettes. The day before, the Trump Administration passed a law banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to try to curb the popularity of the devices among the youth. On September 15, New York announced it has placed a ban on all flavored tobacco products. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

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Multiple Shootings in Three Days

DC Shooting

On September 19, there were two shootings in Washington D.C., leaving 2 people dead and another 7 injured. The first shooting appeared to be a drive-by, and police are on the hunt for two suspects with assault rifles in their car. The second shooting was also a drive-by, but so far, there is not a link between the two. On September 21, a gunman opened fire at a bar in South Carolina, killing 2 people and injuring another 8. Police are still hunting for the suspect and no motive has been given. (Reuters)

Photo Source: Peter Sacco via AP

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Area 51 Raid is Underway

Area 51

On September 20, groups of UFO and alien enthusiasts surrounded Area 51 after a meme joked about raiding the area. Two festivals were arranged to welcome raiders, but only about 3,000 people attended. A strong military presence surrounded the area, but only 5 people were arrested during the event. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/John Locher

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Battle Against Vaping Continues

Vaping Bans

On September 23, California federal prosecutors announced that they will be launching an investigation into Juul. Juul Labs Inc. is one of the main distributors of e-cigarettes. The company faces more regulations and government scrutiny during this probe. On September 24, Congress began hearings regarding the mystery lung diseases thought to be caused by vaping. These hearings are expected to last multiple days. So far, 530 mysterious illnesses have been brought to the attention of officials. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Susan Haigh

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Trump’s Call to Ukraine Released

Trump Ukraine

On September 25, a whistleblower in the Trump administration released call information between President Trump and the president of Ukraine back in July. In the call, it appears that President Trump asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the son of Joe Biden, a potential opponent to Trump in 2020. This could aid the Democrats in the impeachment process. (BBC)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

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