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(Encyclopedia) Aurungzebe: see Aurangzeb .

Slade, Felix

(Encyclopedia) Slade, Felix, 1790–1868, English art collector and philanthropist. He endowed the Slade professorships of fine arts at Oxford and Cambridge universities and at University College, London, whi...

Sládek, Joseph Václav

(Encyclopedia) Sládek, Joseph Václav yô´zĕf väts´läf slä´dĕk [key], 1845–1912, Czech poet and translator. He lived in the United States from 1868 to 1870. Sládek later taught English in Prague ...


(Encyclopedia) slag: see metallurgy .


(Encyclopedia) Slagelse slä´yəlsə [key], city (1992 pop. 29,583), Vestsjælland co., S central Denmark. It is an industrial center and a rail junction, and is the site of a mint. The city has an 11th-cen...

slaked lime

(Encyclopedia) slaked lime: see calcium hydroxide .


(Encyclopedia) slander: see libel and slander .


(Encyclopedia) slang, vernacular vocabulary not generally acceptable in formal usage. It is notable for its liveliness, humor, emphasis, brevity, novelty, and exaggeration. Most slang is faddish and ephemeral...


(Encyclopedia) slate, fine-grained rock formed when sedimentary rocks such as shale are metamorphosed by great pressure. Slate splits into perfectly cleaved, broad thin layers; this characterist...