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wildlife refuge

(Encyclopedia) wildlife refuge, haven or sanctuary for animals; an area of land or of land and water set aside and maintained, usually by government or private organization, for the preservation and protectio...

wild rice

(Encyclopedia) wild rice, tall aquatic plant ( Zizania aquatica ) of the family Poaceae ( grass family), of a genus separate from common rice ( Oryza ). Wild rice (called also Canada ri...

Malheur Lake

(Encyclopedia) Malheur Lake, c.15 mi (25 km) long and up to 5 mi (8 km) wide, in Harney Basin, SE Oreg. It receives the basin's interior drainage. A national wildlife refuge is there.

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

(Encyclopedia) Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, S Alaska. Located across Cook Inlet from Anchorage, the park (2,619,733 acres/1,060,621 hectares) and adjacent preserve (1,410,325 acres/570,982 hectares)...

Reelfoot Lake

(Encyclopedia) Reelfoot Lake, 20 mi (32 km) long, NW Tenn., near the Mississippi River; designated a national natural landmark by the National Park Service. It was formed when a depression created by earthqua...


(Encyclopedia) rice, cereal grain ( Oryza sativa ) of the grass family (Graminae), probably native to the deltas of the great Asian rivers—the Ganges, the Chang (Yangtze), and the Tigris ...

Pyramid Lake

(Encyclopedia) Pyramid Lake, 188 sq mi (487 sq km), W Nev. The lake, a remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan, receives the Truckee River. Visited (1844) by U.S. explorer John Frémont , the lake was named fo...

conservation of wildlife

(Encyclopedia) conservation of wildlife: see conservation of natural resources ; endangered species ; wildlife refuge . ...

Mulchatna Wild River

(Encyclopedia) Mulchatna Wild River: see Lake Clark National Park and Preserve .

Tlikakila Wild River

(Encyclopedia) Tlikakila Wild River: see Lake Clark National Park and Preserve .