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Issues of Diversity

Preference for Racial or Ethnic TerminologyThe Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentAmerican IndiansRace & Ethnicity

Preference for Racial or Ethnic Terminology

Preferred term1PercentHispanic Hispanic57.88% Of Spanish origin12.34 Latino11.74 Some other term7.85 No preference10.18White White61.66% Caucasian16.53 European American2.35 Some other term1.97?

Black History: History and Timelines

Black History Month is observed every February in the United States. Learn about famous firsts by black Americans, read about the history of black history, and find information about milestones in?

Math & Science

Marie Sk?odowska Curie was the only person to win Nobel Prizes in two different sciences, Physics and Chemistry.Math and science are two of the underpinnings of modern society. Every day we come?