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(Encyclopedia) tent, portable shelter of canvas, skins, felt, matting, or other material usually supported by poles and used chiefly by nomads, hunters, and campers. Tents have been used by pastoral?


(Encyclopedia) network, in computing, two or more computers connected for the purpose of routing, managing, and storing rapidly changing data. A local area network (LAN), which is restricted by?

tent caterpillar

(Encyclopedia) tent caterpillar, common name for the larvae of the members of a family of moths (Lasiocampidae), easily recognized by the large silk tents, or webs, that the larvae construct during?

oxygen tent

(Encyclopedia) oxygen tent, device used to maintain a patient in an oxygen-rich environment. The oxygen tent is composed of a clear plastic sheet suspended over the bed and tucked beneath the?

neural network

(Encyclopedia) neural network or neural computing, computer architecture modeled upon the human brain's interconnected system of neurons. Neural networks imitate the brain's ability to sort?

Brewer's: Kedar's Tents

This world. Kedar was Arabia Deserta, and the phrase Kedar's tents means houses in the wilderness of this world. Ah me! ah me! that In Kedar's tents here stay; No place like that on high;?

Brewer's: Tent

Father of such as dwell in tents. Jabal. (Genesis iv. 20.) Tent (Skidbladnir's) would cover a whole army, and yet fold up into a parcel not too big for the pocket. (Arabian Nights?

Movies and Film: The Networks of Norway

The Networks of NorwayMovies and FilmScandinavian Film HistoryDanish DirectionsThe Networks of NorwaySwedish SweetnessIngmar Bergman and the Triumph of Scandinavian Cinema It is typical of Norway'?

local area network

(Encyclopedia) local area network (LAN), a computer network dedicated to sharing data among several single-user workstations or personal computers, each of which is called a node. A LAN can have from?