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Special Olympics

(Encyclopedia) Special Olympics: see Shriver, Eunice Mary Kennedy.

special effects

(Encyclopedia) special effects, in motion pictures, cinematographic techniques that create illusions in the audience's minds as well as the illusions created using these techniques. Some common?

Special Drawing Rights

(Encyclopedia) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), type of international monetary reserve currency established (1968) by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Created in response to worries concerning?

Special Issues

ISIL (formerly ISIS) militants parade through the then-occupied city of Mosul. Read more about ISIL in our timeline.Some issues are too big to tackle in our brief news updates. That's why the editors?

Special Award

Special AwardYear 1971 Robert J. Kleberg1974 Charles Hatton1976 Bill Shoemaker1980 John T. Landry & Pierre E. Bellocq1984 C.V. Whitney1985 Arlington Park1987 Anheuser-Busch1988 Edward J?

Special Features

Check out these features in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Read about Fred Korematsu and other famous Asian Americans. Find out the history of the fortune?

Brewer's: Special Pleading

Quibbling; making your own argument good by forcing certain words or phrases from their obvious and ordinary meaning. A pleading in law means a written statement of a cause pro and con.,?

Chauncey Judd: Special Notice

Preface Special Notice The illustrations of the Interior of Cider Mill on Wooster Farm, and Dayton's Den, are copied from photographs taken by Mr. F. S. Carrier in 1901 who very?

Algebra: Special Factoring Patterns

Special Factoring Patterns Algebra Factoring Polynomials Greatest Common Factors Factoring by Grouping Special Factoring Patterns Factoring Trinomials Using Their Coefficients Factoring with?