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senate, Roman

(Encyclopedia) senate, Roman, governing council of the Roman republic. It was the outgrowth of the council of the kings. By the 3d cent. &BC; the senate was a group of 300 men with a high degree?

Filling Vacant Senate Seats

The Question: If a Senator happens to die while in ofice, what is the succession procedure? The Answer: You can find your answer in the 17th?

Facts About Senators

Oldest, youngest, first female, and other famous firsts by Ann-Marie Imbornoni The first woman to serve as a senator was Rebecca Felton, D-Ga., who was appointed to the post in?

Bean Soup in the Senate

The Question: Is it true that the Senate restaurants all serve bean soup everyday? The Answer: Believe it or not, yes. According to the Senate web site,?

Impeachment Hits the Senate

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The first female senator

The Question: Who was the first woman to be elected senator? The Answer: The first woman to serve as a U.S. senator was Rebecca Felton of?

Senate Salaries since 1789

(per year unless noted) From a stipend of six dollars a day in 1789 to a much more robust salary of $174,000 in 2009, this chart shows how compensation for U.S. senators has evolved over time.?

for U.S. Senate

34 Senate seats are up for grabs by Ann-Marie Imbornoni This article was posted in September 2002. Related Links Facts about SenatorsFacts about GovernorsElectoral College v. The?