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(Encyclopedia) river, stream of water larger than a brook or creek. Land surfaces are never perfectly flat, and as a result the runoff after precipitation tends to flow downward by the shortest and?

Yellow River

(Encyclopedia) Yellow River, China: see Huang He.

West River

(Encyclopedia) West River, China: see Xi.

Grand River

(Encyclopedia) Grand River. 1 River, 260 mi (418 km) long, rising in S Mich. and flowing N to Lansing, then NW to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven. It is the longest river in the state and is navigable?

Dead River

(Encyclopedia) Dead River, 45 mi (72 km) long, rising on the Canadian border, NW Maine, and flowing northeast through a hunting and fishing region to the Kennebec River. Long Falls Dam, on the Dead?

River Edge

(Encyclopedia) River Edge, residential borough (1990 pop. 10,603), Bergen co., NE N.J., on the Hackensack River; inc. 1894.

Harlem River

(Encyclopedia) Harlem River, navigable tidal channel, 8 mi (12.9 km) long with Spuyten Duyvil Creek, in New York City, SE N.Y., separating Manhattan from the Bronx. Connecting the Hudson and East?

Rock River

(Encyclopedia) Rock River, c.285 mi (460 km) long, rising in SE Wis. and flowing SW through NW Ill. to the Mississippi River near Rock Island. It flows through a fertile farm area. Rockford, Ill., is?

Three Rivers

(Encyclopedia) Three Rivers, Que., Canada: see Trois Rivires.

Green River

(Encyclopedia) Green River. 1 River, 370 mi (595 km) long, rising in central Ky. and flowing generally NW, through Mammoth Cave National Park, to the Ohio River near Evansville, Ind. Locks and dams?