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Infoplease has everything you need to know about Philippines. Check out our countryprofile, full of essential information about Philippines'sgeography, history,government, economy, population,?

Philippines, The

(Encyclopedia) Philippines, The f?l?p?nz?, officially Republic of the Philippines, republic (2015 est. pop. 101,716,000), 115,830 sq mi (300,000 sq km), SW Pacific, in the Malay Archipelago off the?

Philippines Map

Philippines Profile More Geographic Information Country Profiles Flags World Geography World Statistics U.S. State Profiles U.S. Cities U.S. Geography U.S. Statistics Asia Map?

Philippine Independent Church

(Encyclopedia) Philippine Independent Church, religious body that separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1902 and rejected the spiritual authority of the pope. It is known popularly as the?

Philippines, University of the

(Encyclopedia) Philippines, University of the, main campus at Quezon City, the Philippines; English language; founded 1908. Among its many schools and colleges are those of agriculture, forestry,?

Duchesne, Saint Rose Philippine

(Encyclopedia) Duchesne, Saint Rose Philippine r?z f?l?p?n dsh?n, 1769?1852, French educator in the United States, a Roman Catholic nun, b. Grenoble, France. She entered the order of the?

Philippines: Presidents

Presidents Manuel L. Quezon (1935?1944) Jorge B. Vargas, president of the Executive Commission of the Philippine Council of State (1943) Jos P. Laurel (1943?1945) Sergio Osmea (1944?1946)?

Philippines Department of State Background

U.S. Department of State Background Note Philippines Index: People History Government and Political Conditions Economy Foreign Relations PEOPLEThe majority of Philippine people are descendants?

Timeline: Philippines History, Part I

Part I: Magellan, Rizal, and Philippine independence by David Johnson and Shmuel Ross B.C. 1521 1521 1886 1901 1934 1946 Next: 1965-present About 25,000 B.C. The ancestors of the?