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(Encyclopedia) Patience: see Pearl, The .


(Encyclopedia) patience: see solitaire .

Crandell, Prudence

(Encyclopedia) Crandell, Prudence krăn´dəl [key], 1803–89, American educator and abolitionist, b. Hopkinton, R.I. In 1831 she opened a school for girls in Canterbury, Conn. Her decision to admit a black...

Wright, Patience Lovell

(Encyclopedia) Wright, Patience Lovell, 1725–86, American sculptor, b. Bordentown, N.J., mother of Joseph Wright. Her portraits, modeled in wax, were the earliest recorded attempts at sculptural expression ...

Brewer's: Patience cry the Lepers

A punning proverbial phrase. Lepers seek diligently the herb patience (lapathum) relieve them from their suffering. Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewe…

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Prudence

PrudenceTheme no poet gladly sung, Fair to old and foul to young; Scorn not thou the love of parts, And the articles of arts. Grandeur of the perfect sphere Thanks the atoms th…

Walt Whitman: Song of Prudence

Song of PrudenceManhattan's streets I saunter'd pondering, On Time, Space, Reality—on such as these, and abreast with them Prudence.The last explanation always remains to be ma…


(Encyclopedia) Nestor nĕs´tər [key], in Greek mythology, wise king of Pylos; son of Neleus and father of Antilochus. In the Iliad, Nestor went with the Greeks to the Trojan War, and although he had...