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Graham Island

(Encyclopedia) Graham Island, 2,485 sq mi (6,436 sq km), off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, northernmost and largest of the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Chelyuskin, Cape

(Encyclopedia) Chelyuskin, Cape ch?lyo?osk?n, northernmost point (lat. 7743&minut;N) of Asia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, N central Siberian Russia. It is named after the Russian navigator who?

Nordkyn, Cape

(Encyclopedia) Nordkyn, Cape nrchn, no?or?, or Kinnaroddench?nrd??n, northernmost point of the European mainland, Finnmark co., N Norway, E of North Cape, at lat. 718&minut;N.

North Cape

(Encyclopedia) North Cape or Nordkappn?rkp, promontory, rising steeply c.1,000 ft (300 m) from the Arctic Ocean, near but not at the north end of Magerya island, Finnmark co., N Norway. Although?


(Encyclopedia) Barrow, city (1990 pop. 3,469), N Alaska; inc. 1958. It is the northernmost (71 16&minut; N) U.S. settlement and the trade center of the Alaska North Slope. Government agencies,?

Ligurian Sea

(Encyclopedia) Ligurian Sea l?gyo?or??n, arm of the Mediterranean Sea, between the Ligurian coast (Italian Riviera) and the islands of Corsica and Elba; the Gulf of Genoa is its northernmost part.?

Morris Jesup, Cape

(Encyclopedia) Morris Jesup, Cape j?s?p, northernmost land point in the world, N Greenland. At lat. 8339&minut;N, it is 440 mi (708 km) from the North Pole. U.S. explorer Robert Peary reached?


(Encyclopedia) Morvan mrvN, mountainous region, E central France, in Nivernais and Burgundy. The northernmost part of the Massif Central, this heavily forested region rises to 2,959 ft (902 m) at?

Torngat Mountains

(Encyclopedia) Torngat Mountains, N Labrador, N.L., Canada, northernmost range of the Laurentian Plateau, between the Atlantic coast and the Quebec border, extending c.120 mi (190 km) north-south and?

Antarctic Circle

(Encyclopedia) Antarctic Circle, imaginary circle on the surface of the earth at 661?2S lat., i.e., 231?2 north of the South Pole. It marks the southernmost point at which the sun can be seen at?