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Hosni Mubarak

Muhammad Hosni Mubarak was the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt for 30 years, from 1981 until he was forced to resign by mass protests on 11 February 2011. Hosni Mubarak was trained as a?

Mubarak, Muhammad Hosni

(Encyclopedia) Mubarak, Muhammad Hosni h?sn? mo?ob?r?k, 1928?2020, president of Egypt (1981?2011). Air force commander (1972?75) and vice president (1975?81) of Egypt, he became president after?

Tantawi, Hussein

(Encyclopedia) Tantawi, Hussein (Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman), 1935?, Egyptian field marshal. Joining the army in 1956, he became defense minister (1991) and commander-in-chief of the armed?

Sisi, Abdul Fattah El-

(Encyclopedia) Sisi or Sissi, Abdul Fattah El- bd?l ftt ?-s?s?, 1954?, Egyptian military officer and government official, b. Cairo, grad. Egyptian Military Academy (1977), U.S. Army War College?

Al Aswany, Alaa

(Encyclopedia) Al Aswany, Alaa, 1957?, Egyptian author, b. Cairo. The son of a novelist-lawyer, he was trained as a dentist at Cairo Univ. (grad. 1980) and the Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (M.S.,?

ElBaradei, Mohamed

(Encyclopedia) ElBaradei, Mohamed ?lbrd?, 1942?, Egyptian lawyer and United Nations diplomat, b. Cairo, grad. Univ. of Cairo (1962), New York Univ. School of Law (1974). He worked (1964?80) in the?

Omar Suleiman

Omar Mahmoud Suleiman was Egypt's director of intelligence services in early 2011 when he was named vice president as part of President Hosni Mubarak's failed attempt to quell popular protests?

Morsi, Mohamed

(Encyclopedia) Morsi, Mohamed mrs?, 1951?2019, Egyptian engineer and political leader, grad. Cairo Univ. (B.A. 1975. M.A. 1978), Univ. of Southern California (Ph.D. 1982). He taught engineering at?