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Sonny Liston

Sonny ListonBorn: May 8, 1932Boxer heavyweight champion (1962-64), who knocked out Floyd Patterson twice in the first round, then lost title to Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) in 1964; pro?

Liston, Sonny

(Encyclopedia) Liston, Sonny (Charles Liston), 1932?71, American boxer, b. Little Rock, Ark. While serving a sentence for robbery at the Missouri State Penitentiary, Liston became interested in?

Ali, Muhammad

(Encyclopedia) Ali, Muhammad m?h?m?d l?, 1942?2016, American boxer, b. Louisville, Ky. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, he was a 1960 Olympic gold medalist. Shortly after upsetting Sonny Liston in?

Patterson, Floyd

(Encyclopedia) Patterson, Floyd, 1935?2006, American boxer, b. Waco, N.C. He was brought up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and was sent to the Wiltwyck School at Esopus, N.Y., an institution for emotionally?

Moras, Jean

(Encyclopedia) Moras, Jean zhN mr?s, 1856?1910, French poet, b. Athens. His name was originally Iannis Papadiamantopoulos. He went to Paris in 1872. He wrote two volumes of symbolist verse, Les?

Keita, Ibrahim Boubacar

(Encyclopedia) Keita, Ibrahim Boubacar, 1945?, Malian politician. Keita was a member of the Alliance for Democracy in Mali (1990?2001) until founding the Rally for Mali in 2001. He served as Mali?

Shriver, Robert Sargent

(Encyclopedia) Shriver, Robert Sargent, 1915?2011, U.S. public official, b. Westminster, Md., husband of Eunice Shriver. A lawyer, he served in World War II and was (1945?46) an assistant editor of?

Dundee, Angelo

(Encyclopedia) Dundee, Angelo, 1921?2012, American boxing trainer, most famous for his work with Muhammad Ali, b. Philadelphia as Angelo Mirena, Jr. After serving in World War II he moved to New York?


(Encyclopedia) Hillel, fl. c.30 &BC;?&AD; 10, Jewish scholar, regarded as the forebear of the later patriarchs who led the Jews of Palestine until c.&AD; 400. The Jerusalem Talmud calls?

Moreno, Lenn

(Encyclopedia) Moreno, Lenn (Lenn Boltaire Moreno Garcs), 1953?, Ecuadorian political leader, president of Ecuador (2017?). Moreno was a manager in the private sector for several years before?