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(Encyclopedia) language, systematic communication by vocal symbols. It is a universal characteristic of the human species. Nothing is known of its origin, although scientists have identified a gene?

The Languages of Africa

What do people speak in Africa? Lagos is the capital of Nigeria, a country with over 500 native languages. European languages are official in most African countries, due to their colonial history.?

Foreign Languages

Homework Center ? Frequently Asked Questions Foreign Languages Where can I find help learning a foreign language? How do I translate a word into another language? How do I find out what?

California Languages

The Question: I was doing a project on the state of California and I was wondering what the all the different languages spoken in California are? The Answer?

Writing & Language

In this collection of articles, tables, and references, there is a guide to grammar and common grammatical errors, spelling tips, a glossary of foreign terms, statistics about languages and?

Languages of the Bible

The Question: What language was the Bible originally written in? The Answer: The Jewish Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament (not?

Language Arts

Subjects » Geography » History » Language Arts » Mathematics » Science » Social Studies Homework Skills Writing | Research Speaking & Listening Studying Reference Sources?

The Three Languages

The Three Languages An aged count once lived in Switzerland, who had an only son, but he was stupid, and could learn nothing. Then said the father: 'Hark you, my son, try as I will I can get?

Which are the Romance languages?

The Question: Which are the Romance languages? The Answer: "Romance languages" is a term used to describe a group of languages that are derived?

How Many Spoken Languages

The Question: How many spoken languages are there in the world? The Answer: There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today.?