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Burns, Ken

(Encyclopedia) Burns, Ken (Kenneth Lauren Burns), 1953–, American documentary filmmaker, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., grad. Hampshire College (1975). Acting as producer, director, and cinematographer, Burns…

Ken Burns

Ken Burns is the wonder boy of modern documentary filmmaking, known for his PBS specials on all-American themes like the U.S. Civil War, baseball and jazz. His 1990 mini-series for public television…

cinéma vérité

(Encyclopedia) cinéma vérité, a style of filmmaking that attempts to convey candid realism. Often employing lightweight, hand-held cameras and sound equipment, it shows people in everyday situations…

Ken, Thomas

(Encyclopedia) Ken, Thomas, 1637–1711, English prelate and hymn writer, prominent among the nonjuring bishops. He became chaplain to Charles II in 1680 and was nominated by that monarch to the…

Ken Richardson Biography

inventorBorn: 26 November 1939Best Known as: inventor of the Leukocyte Reduction Filter Ken Richardson invented one of the most important breakthroughs in the…

Griffey, Ken, Jr.

(Encyclopedia) Griffey, Ken, Jr. (George Kenneth Griffey, Jr.), 1969–, American baseball player, b. Donora, Pa. The son of a veteran outfielder, he joined the Seattle Mariners of the American League…

Howard, Ken

actorBirthplace: El Centro, Calif.Born: 3/28/44

Murray, Ken

(Don Court) producerBirthplace: Nyack, N.Y.Born: 1903Died: 1988

Russell, Ken

film directorBirthplace: Southhampton, EnglandBorn: 7/3/27