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Japanese architecture

(Encyclopedia) Japanese architecture, structures created on the islands that constitute Japan. Evidence of prehistoric architecture in Japan has survived in the form of models of terra-cotta houses?

The Strangeness of Beauty

Author:Lydia MinatoyaPublisher:Simon & Schuster The Strangeness of Beauty begins as a quietly self-reflective 'autobiography' of an Japanese expatriate living in 1920s Seattle, and?


(Encyclopedia) Japanese j?p??n?z, language of uncertain origin that is spoken by more than 125 million people, most of whom live in Japan. There are also many speakers of Japanese in the Ryukyu?

meadow beauty

(Encyclopedia) meadow beauty, any plant of the genus Rhexia, herbaceous perennials of wet places E of the Rockies, particularly damp pine barrens and sands along the southeast coast. A widespread?

Japanese Words

Asian loan words in English by Ann-Marie Imbornoni Asian Loan Words IntroductionWords derived from: Chinese & KoreanJapanese Malay & TagalogPolynesianJapanese aikido, from?

Japanese spaniel

(Encyclopedia) Japanese spaniel, breed of dainty, alert toy dog probably originating in ancient China and developed in Japan over many centuries. It stands about 9 in. (22.9 cm) high at the shoulder?

Japanese literature

(Encyclopedia) Japanese literature, literary works produced in the language of the islands of Japan. See also Asian drama. Earliest Writings Although Japanese and Chinese are different languages,?

Japanese music

(Encyclopedia) Japanese music, the highly eclectic musical culture of the Japanese islands. Over the years, Japan has borrowed musical instruments, scales, and styles from many neighboring areas. The?