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Schwartz, Anna Jacobson

(Encyclopedia) Schwartz, Anna Jacobson, 1915?2012, American research economist and financial historian, b. the Bronx, N.Y., grad. Barnard (B.A. 1934), Columbia (M.A. 1935, Ph.D. 1964). An outstanding?

Douglas T. Jacobson 2000 Deaths

Douglas T. JacobsonAge: 74 World War II hero who, as a U.S. Marines private, single-handedly stormed Iwo Jima, decimating 16 enemy posts and killing 75 Japanese soldiers. He was awarded the?

Benjamin, Walter

(Encyclopedia) Benjamin, Walter, 1892?1940, German essayist and critic. He is known for his synthesis of eccentric Marxist theory and Jewish messianism. In particular, his essays on Charles?

Dickinson, John

(Encyclopedia) Dickinson, John, 1732?1808, American patriot and statesman, b. Talbot co., Md. After studying law in Philadelphia and in London at the Middle Temple, he developed a highly successful?

sexually transmitted disease

(Encyclopedia) sexually transmitted disease (STD) or venereal disease, term for infections acquired mainly through sexual contact. Five diseases were traditionally known as venereal diseases:?

South African literature

(Encyclopedia) South African literature, literary works written in South Africa or written by South Africans living in other countries. Populated by diverse ethnic and language groups, South Africa?

Bert Parks

Name at birth: Bert JacobsonBert Parks was the longtime Master of Ceremonies for the annual Miss America beauty pageant, and the guy who sang the theme song "There She Is" at the end of the?

Sam Jaffe 2000 Deaths

Sam JaffeAge: 98 agent during Hollywood's golden age who represented the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Richard Burton. He invented shooting night for day, which allowed?

George Jackson 2000 Deaths

George JacksonAge: 42 media executive who began his career in film, moved to the music industry, and finally onto the Internet, where he created the Urban Box Office Network, a group of sites?