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(Encyclopedia) firing, process of treating clay or other plastic ceramic materials with heat to produce a hard, durable but brittle material such as pottery. Primitive potters baked their clay in an?


(Encyclopedia) fire, the phenomenon of combustion as seen in light, flame, and heat. One of the basic tools of human culture, its use is extremely ancient, predating the existence of Homo sapiens by?

fire engine

(Encyclopedia) fire engine: see fire fighting.

fire fighting

(Encyclopedia) fire fighting, the use of strategy, personnel, and apparatus to extinguish, to confine, or to escape from fire. Fire-Fighting Strategy Fire fighting strategy involves the following?

Greek fire

(Encyclopedia) Greek fire, a flammable composition believed to have consisted of sulfur, naphtha, and quicklime. Although known in antiquity, it was first employed on a large scale by the Byzantines?

fire clay

(Encyclopedia) fire clay, clay that has a high degree of resistance to heat. By the best standards it should have a fusion point higher than 1,600&degC;. The term fire clay is commonly held to?