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(Encyclopedia) fair, market exhibition at which producers, traders, and consumers meet either to barter or to buy and sell goods and services. Before the development of transportation…

Fair Oaks

(Encyclopedia) Fair Oaks: see Peninsular campaign .

Philip the Fair

(Encyclopedia) Philip the Fair: see Philip IV , king of France.

Fair Havens

(Encyclopedia) Fair Havens, Crete: see Lasea .

fair trade

(Encyclopedia) fair trade, a trading arrangement intended to provide more equitable international trade by creating better conditions for disadvantaged or marginalized producers of…

Fair Lawn

(Encyclopedia) Fair Lawn, borough (1990 pop. 30,548), Bergen co., NE N.J., across the Passaic River from Paterson; inc. 1924. It is residential with light industries.

Fair Oaks

(Encyclopedia) Fair Oaks, uninc. residential town (1990 pop. 26,867), Sacramento co., N central Calif., on the American River, in a growing citrus fruit and farm area.

Fair Isle

(Encyclopedia) Fair Isle, island, c.3 sq mi (7.8 sq km), off N Scotland, southernmost of the Shetland Islands . It is known for its knitted hosiery of bright, many-colored design…